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“Songs for Dawn – 3 Years On”

All money from the sale of this CD will go to the Special Care Baby Unit, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness. Enough money has now been raised for a deposit for Dawn's wheelchair adapted vehicle. Sincere thanks to everyone for their support.

Sincere thanks to Harry Brown and Robertson Construction for their very generous donations.

Thanks to everyone that took part in the Songs For Dawn Charity night in Fort William on 6/11/15 - £780 was raised.


A huge thank you to everyone who came along to our fundraising night in Arisaig Hall on 2nd January.

Our total raised so far is a whopping £8,698.15!!!

Our CDs are still for sale below — please spread the word and help us reach our £9,000 target.

A very special mention for Steve (Mick Ronson) Brown. Without his technical and musical wizardry, we could not have had a charity at all… Once again, many thanks Robert, Maryann & Dawn…

As you can all see by the letter the Sick Kids Friends Foundation rely on donations, it was our pleasure to hand them this money… We spent 5 weeks in Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital with Dawn, we were distraught, and didn't know if she would be okay—But, because of the Friends Foundation we had one less thing to stress about… We were looked after and cared for… Accommodation just 2 minutes from Ward 1 and Dawn.

Again we thank you all, Robert & Maryann.


Dawn, Robert & Maryann went to Inverness today to Raigmore hospital to the SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) and delivered £2,930 worth of baby goodies… Loads of cellular blankets, baby shawls, feeding bottles, baby wipes, Lovenest head support pillows, muslin cloths, nipple shields, DVD player & kids DVDs, 2 XLamps, colouring books, crayons & pens, mittens, baby clothes (babygro & vest) sizes—premature, tiny baby, new born & 0–3 months… Yes pink & blue in everything…

If anyone is wondering this is a list of essentials that are always wanted & needed all the time in SCBU… Don't just hand money in go out and buy them something… That's what Songs for Dawn did…

Dawns mum & Dad would like to thank everybody in the maternity ward & SCBU who watched over Dawn in her first few days of life, she is with us today because of Dr. Alan Webb and his team… Thank you.


All premature baby clothes Prem 0 to Prem 3… Prem 0 size up to 1.5lb/0.7kg tiny eh… As my Auntie said when she saw the prem clothes you read in the papers how mothers can hold a new born in one hand, the telly remote is to give people the same idea…



Thank You

All CDs have now been sold and we have raised a staggering £9,000!

For the latest updates and more information, visit our Facebook page:

Songs for Dawn CD Cover


Songs for Dawn

In the Studio

Songs for Dawn is a CD recorded by Arisaig chef Robert “Bodie” Bowman and musician Steve Brown. All proceeds from the sale of this CD will be split between the 3 hospitals that have kept Bodie's 2 year old daughter, Dawn, alive.

Baby Dawn was born with meningitis and a cleft palate and thanks to Inverness, Edinburgh and Aberdeen Infirmaries she is making great progress. Every penny from the sale of this CD will be sent to Inverness, Aberdeen and Edinburgh Hospitals' sick kids' units.

Robert is a fantastic singer and the CD shows his love of Bowie and Morrissey — his Bowie covers are scarily close to the real thing!

Ashes to Ashes

Ziggy Stardust

Scottish Takeaway (Where's Ma Stovies?)

The full track listing is:

  1.   1. Heroes
  2.   2. Space Oddity
  3.   3. Ashes to Ashes
  4.   4. Modern Love
  5.   5. Ziggy Stardust
  6.   6. Suffragette City
  7.   7. Absolute Beginners
  8.   8. China Girl
  9.   9. Changes
  10. 10. Starman
  11. 11. Shoplifters of the World Unite
  12. 12. Brown Eyed Girl
  13. 13. I'm On My Way
  14. 14. Ring of Fire
  15. 15. I'm A Believer
  16. 16. The Wonder of You
  17. 17. Scottish Takeaway (Where's Ma Stovies?)
  18. 18. A Christmas Wish


Thanks to everyone that made this possible and for donating all services for free.

The Sick Kids Friends Foundation
   The Sick Kids Friends Foundation — Scottish Charity Number: SC 020862

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